I can confidently say I know how to style a bedroom for sale. I’ve styled my fair share. Not sure exactly how many. I lost count at number 2,402.

My experience is that it is one of the easier rooms in the house to style. Every buyer is seeking a similar thing from a bedroom; a spacious and luxurious sanctuary. This is not as difficult as you may think. So, here is my formula for creating a bedroom sanctuary.


Preparing to Style a Bedroom for Sale

Before we discuss furniture and fit-out, there are a few preparations to be made.

White walls. White is the safest colour for your bedroom walls and ceiling. It makes every space feel lighter, larger and cleaner. In particular, if there is a lack of natural light your room is begging for white walls. Check out Darren Palmer’s thoughts on choosing the right white.

Reconsider any feature wall you have, or plan to add. They are specific to personal taste and can polarise potential buyers. Feature walls are best left to your favourite home renovation shows.

This is your opportunity to consider the state of your flooring. If you’re shifting furniture in and out, consider a clean, replacement or resurface of your flooring. A luxurious bedroom fit-out will achieve little if placed on old ratty carpet. If you have tiled, concrete or wooden floorboards, start looking for a rug which can be placed at the foot of the bed. A bedroom should be soft and warm, not hard and cold.


How to Style a Bedroom for Sale? Create a Sanctuary

Bedroom styling


King, Queen or Single Bed?

Bed sizing follows a very simple rule. Allow room for a comfortable walkway either side of the bed. A measure for this is to install for a bedside table on either side. Select the largest bed that allows for this. When the room is only sufficient for a single bed, place it against one wall. There is no need for access from both sides, and it’ll create more space in the room.

If you have any doubts about which wall the bed should be on, check out our tips to create flow and space when styling to sell. Hint: it is the wall you see directly as you enter the room.

The Bedroom is a Sanctuary

The bedroom is a sanctuary. A place of refuge, rest and safety. It must be peaceful, soft and welcoming. This is achieved through colours, textures and volume.

Colours should be soft, calming and subtle. This is why grey is a common choice. Sharper, brighter colours must be used with restraint. Buyers eyes will be drawn directly to these colours. Think twice. Is this where you want their focus?

Nothing is more inviting than a soft and fluffy bed. But soft and fluffy are feelings to touch. How can these feelings be attained through photos? Soft and fluffy is achieved with volume and shape. Here are some examples:

  • A cushioned bedhead. It adds volume to the bed and soft finishing to the wall.
  • Pillows and cushions. Four plump upright pillows. Add one or two feature cushions.
  • A plump doona. Invest in a thick, feather filled doona. This adds volume to the bed. The wavy surface of a feather doona declares softness. Also notice how it rounds the corners of a bed.
  • Throws. A crumpled linen throw invokes the same ‘soft’ feeling. If your bed looks hard and flat, throw on a throw.
  • Triple fold back the sheets and doona. You’ll see this in all of our bedroom settings. It adds that touch of luxury you would find in hotel.


Balance and Cohesion

What is the opposite of balance and cohesion? Chaos. And chaos destroys a sanctuary. So, how do you achieve balanced and cohesive bedroom?

White bed sheets are the best start for balance. Dominant coloured bed sheets will be a focal point, requiring them to be balanced with more subtle selections throughout the rest of the room. Unless you’re an incredible stylist, dominant coloured bed sheets are a challenge to avoid. If you must add sharp, bright colours, do it wisely through accessorising.

bedroom styled for sale with greys and blues, timber bedside tables and timber framed ocean artwork

Balance should be maintained through the room. This starts with matching bedside tables and lamps. This is essential balance. Next, the layout of the room. Beware of negative space. Once the bed is in place, look back at the room. Is there an abundance of space remaining on the opposite side? Consider an occasional chair or plant in the corner. If the room is very large, add a bench/ottoman to the end of the bed.

Cohesion should be maintained through the colour palette. There should be a colour theme throughout the cushions, accessories and artwork. At most, three colour trends (excluding white as a base) should flow through the room. Try grey, blues and black. Or grey, pinks and gold.

On the topic of coordinating colour palettes, artwork. Where should it go? Artwork should be centred above the bed. However, if there is a bedhead and/or low ceilings, consider a side wall. There should be sufficient clearance between the ceiling, artwork and bedhead. Check out more of our tips for styling your walls with artwork.


The Wrap

How to style a bedroom for sale is completely different to styling a bedroom for yourself. Your buyers are seeking a spacious, luxurious sanctuary. A sanctuary is peaceful, soft and welcoming. You must provide this through balance and cohesion.