Colour shapes our everyday lives. From the different hues on our walls to the many shades of furniture and furnishings, your home’s colour scheme plays an integral part in creating a joy-filled ambience. If you’ve been considering an interior makeover, nothing does the job better than a fresh lick of paint. And with Australia’s three biggest paint brands – Dulux, Wattyl and British Paints – releasing their 2022 colour forecasts at the end of last year, now is the perfect time to inject some much-needed positivity into your favourite spaces. Here are some of the interior colour trends to look out for.

Fresh Greens

2022 is the year green reigns supreme with verdant shades bringing the rejuvenating virtues of nature inside. These nurturing, living hues instil nostalgia for the outdoors from gentle, earthy neutrals to more raw tones of moss, clay and rich forest green.

As digital lifestyles become more demanding and COVID continues to present ever-increasing challenges, homeowners are craving deeper connections to authenticity. Adding green to your interiors provides a way to uplift and energise a space while keeping it calm and grounded. Green is also said to be balancing for both physical and mental health. Nature-inspired paint shades to consider include:

Shelter Cove by Wattyl

Colourbond Mangrove by Wattyl

Billy The Kid by Wattyl

Parched Peat by Wattyl

Natural Flora by Dulux

New Penny by Dulux

Ōpononi Double by Dulux

Secluded Avenue by British Paints

Calming Blues

Blue is a colour proven to promote feelings of safety and trustworthiness, so it’s not surprising that after all the recent uncertainty, renovators are embracing blue in their homes in 2022. Fluid, peaceful and gentle, blues breathe new life into interiors, and transformative shades inspired by the sky and sea are airy and fresh. Blues soothe and promote a sense of tranquillity, particularly in relaxation spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. However, with so many diverse hues to choose from, blue can evoke a range of emotions. For example, cooler tones can lend to an industrial mood, while electric blues can add drama to walls. Blues to consider include:

Edvard by Dulux

Harmonious by Dulux

Healing Spa by British Paints

New Arrival by British Paints

Driftwood by Wattyl

Silver Tongue by Wattyl

Mermaid Splash by British Paints

Dazzling Colour

2022 interiors are getting playful with attention-seeking shades that exude energy and personality. Our yearning for simpler and less serious days encourages bright and lively colours to come together in unexpected ways. Vibrant pinks, lavenders and fuchsias on feature walls will instantly revitalise a tired space and add some thoroughly modern magic. Sunshine shades promote mental stimulation, and uplifting hues radiate cheerfulness without being overly domineering or invasive. Colourful shades to try include:

Pinkham by Dulux

Pax by Dulux

Sandpaper by Dulux

Pink Papaya by Dulux

Sassy by Dulux

Swinging Pink by British Paints

Fuchsia Bloom by British Paints

Good Karma by British Paints

Natural Neutrals

Stress levels are at an all-time high, and the last thing most people want to come home to is a home with walls painted in a colour that will raise stress and anxiety levels. Calming neutrals are one of the interior colour trends of 2022, promoting a desire for warmth and simplicity. From off whites to buttercream, these hues offer comfort, positivity and balanced, soothing spaces. Neutral shades to try include:

Rice Crop by Dulux

Stowe White by Dulux

Hog Bristle Half by Dulux

Dhimba by Wattyl

Signal Station by Wattyl

Driftwood by Wattyl

Vitesse by Wattyl

Icing Sugar by British Paints

Simply Vanilla by British Paints

Your walls are freshly painted, now it’s time to add some complementary furnishings and furniture to complete the look. Check out our tips on DIY Home Staging: 5 Essential Furnishings.