You Have Something to Ask?


What are the steps involved when engaging our Property Styling service?

Four simple steps:

1. Consultation

Request a quote online or call to arrange a complimentary consultation with you or your listing agent at the property. Our stylist will take photographs, measure up, evaluate access and the style of the property.

2. The Proposal

You will receive a detailed, obligation free quote based on the required hire period. Once approved, The Urbane Property Stylist will proceed to tailor a package appealing to your target market, ensuring maximum sale price.

3. Installation

Installation of the furniture is simple and hassle free. We will contact you or your agent to arrange access. Our reliable installation team will dress your property with care and attention to detail.

4. Collection

We will contact you or your agent prior to the collection date to arrange a suitable collection time. You can easily postpone collection for a weekly extension fee.

How much is the cost of property styling?

The cost of property styling ranges from $2,000, for a one-bedroom apartment, up to $10,000. This is for the typical campaign length of 6 weeks. The cost varies based on the time of year and the size, location & accessibility of your property. 

How does The Urbane Property Stylist put together my package?

Our experienced property styling consultants will review your property and note size, features, location and the general ‘feel’ of the property. From here we select the furniture and styling pieces from our extensive inventory to create a cohesive package to enhance your property. We promise your buyers will see your property it in its absolute best light.

How does payment work?

We require full payment upfront. We will send you an invoice and service agreement as soon as we receive your acceptance of our quote.

What is Property Styling and how does it work?
How long is the hire period?

Typically, 6 weeks. This allows 4 weeks for a standard sales campaign and two additional weeks prior for photography and marketing preparation. If you are running an extended campaign we will quote to suit.

Can we extend our hire?

Of course. We offer weekly extension rates upon request.

Can I purchase the furniture?

Yes. If you love any of the pieces as much as we do, we can provide a price to purchase. You can get in touch with us here. We can also design a complete furniture package for purchase.

Can I ask for a refund if the property sells early?

Unfortunately, no. Our aim is to have your property sold as soon as possible, and when it does sell early we like to think we’ve assisted. A large portion of the fee is absorbed in the preparation, travel time and time spent installing and styling the property and therefore no refund is available.

Where does the furniture come from?

All furniture is owned by The Urbane Property Stylist. We hold an extensive inventory of furniture and accessories. We search far and wide to source modern furniture from Australian and International designers.

Can I use some of my pieces I already have?

Whilst we offer the option of partially styling your property, we strongly recommend that we take care of the whole kit and caboodle. This allows us to provide a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire property. The hours required to style and install is similar for partial styles and therefore you should not expect the quote to be change in proportion to the furniture included.

Can I select pieces for my property?

Have faith! This is our expertise and passion. We live it every day and are completely in tune with trends in the Brisbane market. Each item is selected to fit together in a cohesive package, see for yourself.

Can we swap items we do not like?

Unfortunately, no. The Urbane Property Stylist has a team of qualified and experienced interior stylists. We are confident that the pieces we select for your property will provide the best result.

How quickly will The Urbane Property Stylist take to respond to my quote request?

We endeavour to respond to all quote requests within 24 hours.

What is included in a property styling package?

Our property styling packages include all furniture and accessories that are required to perform a complete transformation. After viewing the property we will determine exactly what items are required to achieve this. All quotes include an itemised list of what will be installed in the property. Our before & after property styling images show exactly what a complete transformation entails.

Who installs and removes the furniture?

Our qualified property stylists lead a team of professional removalists at every property. The removalists perform the heavy lifting, whilst the stylist coordinates the installation and finer details. We utilise a carefully selected team of professional removalists.