The most frequently asked question we receive is “How much does property styling cost?” This is for good reason considering a price-list can’t be found on our website. This is not an oversight. Property styling is not a one size fits all service. Every property is unique and there are numerous factors considered in every free quote we provide.

What’s Included in the Cost of Property Styling?

The next question is “What are we paying for?” Most property stylists will justify the cost of their services by highlighting the value it adds. We’re the first to agree. Property styling is a great investment. Yes, it will add value, but what are you paying for? In this article we review the factors that influence the cost of property styling.

Applying a Qualified Eye

Our Lead Stylist, Emma Tobin, invests 10-20 hours into the styling of every property. It is a considered process requiring an on-site inspection, catalogue review & selection, installation and pick-up. As a qualified professional, her time and expertise come at a cost. Her qualifications include a B.D. (Interior Design) and over ten years of experience in Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Property Styling. Remember, anyone can work in property styling, but not everyone can make property styling work. If you’re still choosing a property stylist, check out our post on How to Select the Best Property Stylist.

Furniture & Accessories

Every good property stylist holds their own extensive catalogue of furniture. This is a significant investment. Whilst some property stylists source their furniture from a hire business, this introduces third party costs. Their pricing will likely be on the expensive side as they quote to maintain a margin. Utilising our own furniture and accessories involves more than the initial investment.

A good property stylist will not settle for installing whatever is available. If we don’t have the right item, we acquire it. This is often necessary to maintain suitable and coordinated styling.

The Urbane Property Stylist will never install worn or tired furniture. Each relocation exposes furniture to potential wear. Whether that be in the back of truck, stop/start in Brisbane traffic or winding up a tight apartment stairway. We frequently repair and replace our furniture at our expense.

When our furniture is not in your home, it’s in ours. We maintain a tidy warehouse to safely store furniture awaiting the next installation. Like the real estate market, property styling is seasonal and to service increased demand we hold an extended catalogue. In quieter times this can stress storage capacity, and we provide lower pricing through these periods to maintain utilisation of our catalogue. Remember that the time of year is a common factor in property styling cost. If you’re deciding when to sell your home, see our post on The Best Time to Sell a House in Brisbane.


Removalists lift and carefully pack every item onto a truck. Upon delivery they unpack and carefully manoeuvre our furniture into your home. Their empty truck returns to base before returning five weeks later to do it all in reverse. This is a significant expense, but this is not an area to cut costs. If there is one area that we put just as much effort into as furniture selection, it’s removalist selection. We utilise a select group of experienced and trusted removalists. There are many reasons for this; reliability, care for our furniture but most importantly leaving your property exactly as it was found.

It is common for a stylist to enquire about the accessibility of your property. A house with rear entry and wide double doors is easy to access. Contrasting to this, is a fourth-floor apartment with no elevator and a tight stairwell. Difficult access adds hours of removalist cost to a quote.

How Much Does Property Styling Cost?

Qualified stylists, furniture and removalists. When you engage a property stylist, this is what you’re paying for. The size & ease of access to your property, as well as the time of year, are factors that influence how much property styling costs. With that said, a rough guide to property styling costs is $2000, for a one-bedroom accessible apartment, reaching up to $10,000. The best way to find out how much property styling will cost you is to request a free quote.