We’re kicking off 2023 with an Urbane Insight at this Palm Springs inspired home. Located in Kenmore we styled this home at the end of 2022. Whilst Palm Springs has stood as a dominant design trend in recent years, its beginnings date back to 1950.

Palm Springs Home Styling

Palm Springs, California is renowned for its mid-century modern architectural heritage and its stylish desert homes. This iconic desert city has become synonymous with a sleek, modern aesthetic, and its homes reflect this clean, simple and elegant style.

The mid-century modern style, popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, is characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on functionality. In Palm Springs, this style is embodied by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass, as well as minimalist color palettes and indoor-outdoor living spaces. Large windows, open floor plans, and functional furniture are also hallmarks of the Palm Springs style.

One of the key elements of Palm Springs home styling is the integration of nature and greenery into the design. The desert landscape provides a stunning backdrop for these homes, and designers have taken advantage of this by incorporating large windows and outdoor living spaces that allow residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area. In addition, the use of local and sustainable materials is an important part of the Palm Springs aesthetic, reflecting the city’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Another defining characteristic of Palm Springs home styling is the use of patterned textiles. Geometric shapes and vibrant colors are incorporated into furniture, rugs, and curtains, adding a touch of fun and playfulness to the otherwise minimalist design. This use of pattern is a nod to the bold, graphic style of mid-century modern design, and it creates a playful contrast to the clean lines and neutral tones that are so prevalent in the desert city.

One of the most appealing aspects of Palm Springs home styling is its focus on function over form. Homes in this city are designed to be livable and comfortable, with ample space for entertaining, relaxation, and recreation. Furniture is chosen for its functionality, and homes are built with an eye toward efficiency and practicality.

White on White on White

The newly renovated white brick home exudes Palm Springs vibes. Palm Springs has stood as a dominant design trend in recent years. The saturation of white stems from the desert setting of Palm Springs, where white reflects the harsh desert sun.

Succulents and palms frame the entry to home, a hint to what awaits inside. Sleek white fixtures throughout, and a breeze block cabana by a custom plunge pool. The home hits all the right notes for palm springs.

Open Living and Dining

Matched pedestal tables. A natural toned rug frames the living area, creating distinction from dining. The couch provides a jewel tone to pop against the otherwise mute surrounds.

The staggered art placement deliver interesting angles, another Palm Springs characteristic.

Open fireplaces are arguably not Palm Springs. However we appreciate the extra dimension it adds. It provides a thin feature wall dividing the spaces, with the flexibility to redesign with simple accessory changes on the built in shelving.

Black fireplace in the centre of white walled living and dining room
Feature fireplace with louvre windows either side and built in staggered shelving above.

A Desert Retreat

The crystal blue plunge pool appears as an oasis in a desert of white. Even detail down to the rectangle fold lines in the cushions of the teak sun lounges pairs with the brick exterior.

We expect the new owners will be mixing countless afternoon margaritas for guests in this backyard.

Two sun lounges facing an in ground plunge pool, with white breeze block cabana opposite.
Fireplace with black surrounding tiles, styled with a black round coffee table on timber floors with white armchairs and round white side table

Expansive Master Bedroom

An expansive master bedroom received a rug and timber console. Whilst we would often use a feature cushion to add colour to a room, we let the timber take centre stage with some colour with a potted plant. Something rarely featured in bedrooms we style.

Sleek White Kitchen

The kitchen features sleek lines. A slim white stone island bench is overseen by a matching feature pendant. The thin bar stools were a clear match.

Congratulations to the renovators/sellers who achieved a striking success. What would otherwise be a dark brick home has been transformed. It is light filled and fresh.

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