For Luxe Sake!

Would you like a tour of our latest install? Well, here it is. This property’s exquisite facade, elegant interior features and high-end finishes commanded styling that enhanced these assets. Luxe is a style frequently installed by property stylists, however all too often we see it misused. It’s important to not use luxe, simply for luxe sake. The property must call for luxe. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what this property needed. Our styling vision was to deliver a sophisticated interior that (as always) appeals to a wide range of buyers and showcases the lifestyle this home has to offer. The living and dining areas of the property face south so it was really important to keep these areas as light and bright as possible.

A Touch of Velvet

We wanted to showcase the existing elegant features. These included the glass pendant over the dining area and the vibrant splashbacks in the kitchen. We continued the luxe feel by incorporating velvet dining chairs surrounding a generous dining table with a glass top. The glass dining top works beautifully against the pendant lighting which reflects the glimmering lights above. The dusty mauve dining chairs are bold and striking, yet are also soft enough to preserve cohesion.

We wanted to present the living area as light and bright as possible. To achieve this, we installed pale grey sofas, a white marble coffee table and a light oak entertainment unit. These pieces all worked harmoniously against the stunning American Oak flooring. An oversized, bold artwork created impact to this space. It injects warmth and colour (If it inspires thoughts for your own home, check out our blog post on selecting artwork). Colours from the artwork were picked up and accented throughout both the living and dining. We used velvet cushions in fig and dusty pink on the sofas and of course, the stunning dusty mauve velvet chairs in the dining area.

The use of velvet cushions and colourful artwork was continued through all the bedrooms. A modern, luxe appearance was achieved with the placement of contemporary accessories throughout the house.

Comfort and Style

The Urbane Property Stylist has provided styling that is modern, elegant, luxe. Bold textures (velvet, marble, glass) allow this to be achieved. The result is a style that promotes a lifestyle of both comfort and style. We hope you love it as much as we do!