We recently had the pleasure of working with Pellicano Group to style a 2 bedroom display apartment in their latest development, Alke. Alke is a brand-new luxury apartment development comprising of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments including Garden Loft residences, Terrace Homes and Penthouse residences. The client asked us to provide a purchase package for their display apartment styling. Like our hire packages, our purchase packages include all interior design, furniture, artwork, accessories, delivery and installation. Once installed, it’s all yours to keep.

The Brief

The vision for the apartment was set well before our consultation. High-end 3D renders were created in the early stages. These form the vision for the marketing of Alke. This included the use of virtual home staging. The team at Pellicano tasked us with emulating the luxury and style of these original renders.

The renders aside, we were also provided with information on the targeted demographic for the apartments. The price point and size of the apartments were designed to attract downsizers. Typically, older families with adult children that have flown the coop. So, the furniture had to appeal to mature buyers. Despite downsizing from the family home, these buyers do not want to lose the warmth of a family home. Typical display apartment styling was not going to cut it.

Display apartment styling is often modern and minimalist. It appeals to a younger demographic of inner city first home buyers. This style can be cold and sparse. This was not what we had planned for Alke. These apartments called for something different.

Display Apartment Styling in Actionapartment lounge styling in gray blue tan and gold

The colour palette we implemented maintained similarities to the original renders. Rich tans and charcoal created depth and contrast. Accents of gold and brass, injected through artwork and lamps, formed luxurious feels. And calming blues throughout the entire apartment provided a continuous comforting element.

Living Room

The living and dining rooms were conjoined. Rugs are a great tool to create definition between conjoined spaces. We chose a low profile, woven wool rug in silver to achieve this. The rug has a black fleck throughout and fringing on the edges. The fleck provided depth and interest, whilst the fringing added an element of texture matched with the grey throw.

A round coffee table in the living room in natural oak added warmth. Golden tones through the artwork, accessories and floor lamp worked harmoniously with natural oak.

Contrasting against the silver wool rug were two darker furnishings. The luxurious charcoal sofa and entertainment unit in dark ebony. Additional seating was provided in the form of a statement armchair. The velvet midnight blue armchair was an injection of both colour and luxury.

Dining Room

The compact dining room required careful consideration. Dining for four is essential, however over-sizing the dining setting makes a room feel small. A round dining table was the best solution. It allowed flow around both sides of the setting. Avoid single-way funnels. They create a cramped impression.

A tulip base table minimised the floor space occupied by the setting. A white marble top was selected for elegance. The table was paired with grey upholstered chairs that tuck seamlessly under the dining table. The tuck away chairs were essential in maintaining the space and flow.

Both the legs of the chairs and adjacent bar stools were in black. This complemented the tap-ware, track lighting and large black window frames in the dining room.

display apartment dining room styling


Apartment wardrobe with hanging clothesbedroom styling with grays and bluesFinally, the two bedrooms continue the design story. The bedside tables in both rooms feature a mixture of natural timber and marble. The bedside lamps are a combination of brass and marble. Accessories accompanying each lamp added greenery and layering to the tables. Each bed was finished in crisp white linen and layered with quilted and pure linen throws. Further layering of scatter cushions with accents of those calming blues created an inviting and warm space. Speaking of calming blues, check out the gorgeous ocean artwork. One of our favourites.

In order to provide that ‘ready to move in’ feel, we added some special touches. Hanging clothes and wardrobe accessories adorned the walk-in-robe. Fresh fluffy towels and designer bathrooms products carried through both bathrooms. A few extra steps to help potential buyers visualise their future lifestyle.

The Wrap

The team at Pellicano were thrilled with the result. As the photos from this property show, our styling added the final touch to create a stunning product. We hope the lucky new residents at Alke take inspiration from our styling and do these apartments justice.

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