Selling your home is a major process and can take a long time for many people. However, once you’ve listed your property, the longer it sits on the market, the worse it looks. On top of that, you want to sell your home fast because the faster you sell your home, the faster you can be over and done with all the stress involved in the selling process.

Ask any real estate agent in Brisbane on what tips they have for making your property appealing and undoubtedly, presentation will be one of them. This involves easier things such as decluttering your home for sale and getting your kerb appeal right. However, if you’re really looking to sell your home fast and for the highest possible price, property styling is the way to go.


The more buyers you can attract, the higher the chance of selling your property fast. If your listing looks cluttered, you’re less likely to get people interested. Rebecca Cuderman, Residential Sales Consultant from Ray White in Marsden, emphasised the importance of making sure your property is neat and tidy.

She said, “If the property is cluttered, poorly lit or just simply needing a clean then buyers are going to either not inspect or offer less due to the perception of the property needing work. If you have the opportunity to minimise work both inside and outside of the home at little cost then it might be worthwhile doing so.”

Kerb Appeal

Another major part of presentation is kerb appeal. This is essentially how your home looks on the outside and the type of first impressions you’ll make with potential buyers. Patrick Ivey, Sales Agent from Harcourts Property Centre in Coorparoo, recommends getting kerb appeal right as one of the best ways to appeal to buyers in the Brisbane area.

“Getting kerb appeal right – painting the front of your property, having your lawns and gardens tidied,” he said.

John Kubatov, Principal of Class Real Estate in Bulimba, has tips for improving kerb appeal. He said, “Sellers need to freshen up their properties whether it’s water-blasting the driveway or with some paint.”

Property Styling

Last but definitely not least is property styling. This makes a massive contribution to your property’s presentation and can make or break a sale. Ann-Marie Best, Sales Consultant from Harcourts Property Centre in Coorparoo, has noticed that property styling makes the biggest difference when a property isn’t selling fast.

She said, “I always suggest styling. I’ve had properties which have been on the market and haven’t been getting the response we needed. We had them styled and achieved $30k more than we thought. Presentation and styling is a must.”

John Kubatov, Principal of Class Real Estate in Bulimba, actually recommended property styling as a better option than making renovations in the Brisbane area. “Buyers in this area aren’t necessarily looking for new kitchens or bathrooms, but a well-styled property is important,” he said.

Final Words

Ultimately, presentation is definitely one of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking to sell your property fast. The top real estate agents in Brisbane will agree that it helps to attract the biggest number of potential buyers to your home. Not only can presentation keep your days on market low, it can also get you a premium sale price.