So, you’ve cleared the clutter from the dining room and now you’re ready to set it up to sell. Or do you simply want to know the expert tips for styling your dining table at home? Staging a dining room table is one of the simplest tasks for the DIY home stager.

Here we share three simple elements you need to create a balanced, designer look for your dining table.

Staggered Height

accessories with staggered height on dining room table

Select accessories that are of varying heights or sizes to create balance. Start with a tall vase or set of vases of different sizes. Don’t be afraid to mix up the colour and texture of the vases. A glass vase for foliage as well as a textured decorative vessel can work really well together.

If you want to incorporate colour, select accessories that pick up an accent from a piece of artwork or colour used already within the space.

A feature vase or set of vases create the height for your centrepiece, but you also want to add some smaller pieces to balance these out. A low vessel, candle or stack of beautiful cook books are our favourite smaller pieces to create a staggered arrangement.

If you don’t have these pieces already, there are plenty of alternatives. You may already have options that’ll look great. A stylish salt and pepper set, mortal and pestle or stack of your favourite ceramic bowls are all acceptable options. Have a play around with what you have. Alter positioning until you create feel balance has been achieved.

Three’s a Crowd?

staging a dining room table with clusters of three accessories

Use clusters of three accessories when staging a dining room table. Three is a guide, not the steadfast rule. Consider the size of your dining table and the accessories available to you. You can use a couple more (or less) pieces, but we always recommend sticking to an odd number.

If your dining table is small, a single feature vase with foliage in the centre will suit. If this looks bare, add another two items. Remember, use varying heights for balance.

For larger rectangular dining tables, play with the length and add extra pieces. This is when a tall feature vessel, paired with a set of matching vases of varying heights and stacked cook books work really well. The stacked cook books stretch the centrepiece out along the table.

Another tip for a long rectangle table is to create two clusters side by side. Break the clusters up by grouping the taller pieces and the lower pieces separately. Further distinguish the smaller cluster by incorporating a tray. By arranging the smaller accessories on a tray, the cluster stays neatly grouped.

Greenery (of course!)

Up-close shot of greenery on a glass dining room table

Greenery breathes life and freshens any space. Add greenery to your feature vase for instant colour, height and interest to your dining table.

Consider the impact you desire to achieve. You can go as full or minimal as you want. This ranges from wild, cascading gum leaves to a simple few stems of your favourite foliage.

We love using an abundance of green foliage and long-lasting blooms. Banksias, proteas and spinning gum that not only look beautiful, but last for weeks. Long lasting foliage is important if you are staging a dining room table for an extended sale campaign.

What to Avoid When Staging a Dining Room Table

Ensure your dining table is the right size for your dining room. We covered this last year in Styling To Sell: Tips To Create Flow and Space.

Unless you’re staging a formal dining room, avoid table settings. This is overly formal and dated. It doesn’t represent the reality of life for modern families.

Further, on the topic of dated accessories, must I dare say it? Doilies and china. Avoid.

One final mistake to avoid when staging a dining room table. Don’t crowd chairs around the table. Tables are designed for a set number of chairs. If you’re unsure, imagine your guests at the dining table. Ensure there is comfortable space for their knees and elbows not to touch.

Check out our Instagram page for more dining room table styling inspiration or our 5 essential furnishings for DIY home staging. Happy styling! Xx