So, you’ve decided to sell your home or investment property. You’ve selected your agent and decided how you will sell; either auction or private sale. Now for a little hard work to present your property for sale. Time to hop to those tasks you’ve been putting off for too long. There are many ways you can invest your time and money to improve the appearance of your property, but here are a few quick wins that give you real bang for your buck. Less than a day of your time and some spare change can score you thousands more when the sold sticker is applied.


When you present your property for sale it’s time to de-clutter. Clear it all out. Look through our portfolio and what do you notice. There’s no alarm clock on the bedside. No TV remote on the coffee table. No kettle, toaster or mixer in the kitchen. Yes, it creates a neater appearance, but it also creates space and greater surface area. Buyers are seeking room to move into. They will naturally imagine their items within the property. Show them they can easily fit.

Proceed with caution. Don’t simply stuff your wardrobe, cupboard or pantry. Buyers open these storage areas. They want to ensure there is adequate storage. You must give the appearance of space here too. The solution? Simple. Purchase a few plastic tubs or cardboard boxes. Pack away what you don’t need; out of season clothing, excess bed linen, rarely used kitchenware or pantry items. Ideally your sale will be completed in 3 months. Therefore, any items that won’t be used in that period can go. These can then be stored in a shed, attic, basement or short-term storage. Select any option that is out of sight of your potential buyers. It may seem a hassle, however you will be having to pack and move in a few months anyway. Why not start the process now?

Crystal Clear Windows

Vacuuming. Sweeping. Mopping. Scrubbing. These are all common steps to preparing your property for sale. An area often overlooked is windows. Crystal clear windows give every room a fresh appearance. Particularly when you have an outlook such as an elevated view or a perfectly manicured backyard. Maximum impact will be achieved with clean windows. Dirty windows with dust, cobwebs, paint marks, only leave your property with a tired and worn appearance.

Whilst cleaning your windows properly can take several hours, the required equipment can cost very little. Easy to reach windows make this a simple DIY task. If your windows present more of a challenge, or you simply don’t have the time, then Brisbane has hundreds of professional window cleaners fully equipped for harder to reach windows.

A Walk-through

Every competent real estate agent will perform a critical walk-through of your property. Agents are well practised in how to present a property for sale. They will provide a long list of advice and potential improvements. Some owners can be taken aback by this. This is perfectly understandable as your home is presented as you live. Whilst no one wants to hear that their styling or presentation is unappealing to others, don’t take offence. Bear in mind that these days, particularly in Brisbane, property is presented in a way that people do not live. Frequently a very modern, minimalist appearance. Think of it as the difference between a home and a display home“.

Whilst we recommend that you trust the feedback from your agent, we understand it can be overwhelming. If you feel this way then ask a friend to walk-through your property too. Choose a friend that will not hold back, but whose style and opinion you value. Share your agent’s feedback with them and ask if they agree. Their agreement can help ease any uncertainties. This will allow you to proceed with the changes necessary with confidence. Remember, your interests are aligned with your real estate agent. You both want a timely and successful sale that realises the true value of your property.

Ready to Present Your Property for Sale?

When you apply these 3 quick wins you will be on the right path to present your property for sale. For some this will get you 99% of the way there, whilst for others there’ll be a few more items of advice from your agent. And a final check, be sure to cover the most overlooked improvement when selling your home.

A common recommendation is to engage a property stylist. Agents don’t recommend this for every property, only where they see a return on investment. This is where The Urbane Property Stylist is happy to help. Check out our guide for selecting the best property stylist. When you’re ready to sell, get in touch for a free quote.