It was this time last year that I shared with you my favourite Melbourne furnishers. Now, since relocating six months ago I have been on the hunt for our new favourite Brisbane furnishers. What does Brisbane have to to offer? Well, whilst Melbourne is known as a mecca of style and fashion, Brisbane is right with it if you know where to look.

With the news of our relocation to Brisbane, many people asked me if I thought I had to change my style. The answer is no, not entirely. Simply a few adjustments. Whilst many Melbourne properties called for modern sleek styling, this same style is not out of place in Brisbane. Buyers in inner Brisbane are seeking a modern lifestyle and with that, contemporary furnishings.

Rattan pendants above white staircase from Uniqwa, our favourite Brisbane furnisher

Image courtesy of Uniqwa Furniture Collections

In saying that, there is an emphasis on relaxed living in Queensland. More so than in the bustling inner-city suburbs of Melbourne. With this in mind, I have found myself wanting to use slightly less black and more white furniture pieces in some properties here. I have also been incorporating more occasional pieces and accessories that are finished in their natural material.

With a slightly new direction of more natural textures inspired by our coastlines, the following Brisbane furnishers are my favourite picks so far.


Uniqwa stocks exactly what the name suggests; unique pieces. There are so many unique, beautiful indoor and outdoor furnishings in their collection to choose from as well as stunning accessories for the home. With a focus on natural materials, I love the relaxed and earthy feel their showroom has. If you are looking for that special piece that has been inspired by nature than Uniqwa is a must visit.

The showroom is based on the Gold Coast and viewings are by appointment only, but if you have a commercial or residential project you can get in touch with the team at Uniqwa for a fully customised service. If you are just after a few special pieces for your home, check out their collection online and then find your nearest Brisbane Uniqwa stockist.

Uniqwa was on my radar well before making the move to Brisbane. Hence why it’s at the top of our list of favourite Brisbane furnishers.


Outdoor furniture by GlobeWest, one of our favourite Brisbane furnishers

Images courtesy of GlobeWest

Still a favourite! With a huge range of furniture in my warehouse from Globewest, I was delighted to find that Globewest have a Brisbane showroom! Located on Arthur Street in Fortitude Valley, this showroom was recently renovated and is now an 800 square meter showcase of beautiful merchandised furnishings. Open to the public, you are able to wander through the huge range of contemporary furniture, rugs, décor and more. If you wish to purchase something, the team will help you finalise an order through an authorised stockist.

Fingers crossed Globewest host the occasional ex-display sale in Brisbane too.

Image courtesy of Trit House

Trit House (Formally Clickon Furniture)

Trit House is also located in the designer furniture hub, Fortitude Valley. Formally Clickon Furniture, Trit House has a 300 square meter showroom in Brisbane with seriously gorgeous pieces on display.

Trit House design and manufacture their own products. Their Brisbane store showcases their signature designs, as well as a huge range of products from international suppliers. With furniture from around the world, the collection offers a fusion of contemporary global and Australian style.

Matt Blatt

Update: Matt Blatt’s Wonka-esque furniture factory is closed for good. Following store closures nationwide due to COVID-19 restrictions in March 2020, Matt Blatt was sold to Kogan in May. It will now be run as a online only business. We’re devastated to watch the bricks and mortar stores go. There is an opportunity in Brisbane for a furniture retailer to fill this gap. The range at Matt Blatt was unlike any other in Brisbane, and had to be seen in person. Horse sized lamps aren’t the kind of purchase you make online.

Here’s one I haven’t had to leave behind. Matt Blatt remains a favourite. Lucky for me, Brisbane has a massive Matt Blatt showroom located on Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley.

Matt Blatt is not your typical furniture store. Upon entering you may invoke thoughts of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. “Matt Blatt and the Furniture Factory”, a wonderland of modern furnishings. If you’re looking for furniture that will start a conversation, this is your destination.

Amongst the excitement there are plenty of practical offerings that would appeal to many. They stock a great range of replica designer furniture at affordable prices.


This is both a favourite and staple. As I stated in my previous post on Melbourne furnishers, “Ikea has a well-defined purpose; the basics. If you’re seeking the basics, it’s the place to go.” Nothing has changed since moving to Brisbane.

My nearest is now North Lakes, which is a bit further to travel than I was used to. That’s OK though. It’s not the kind of store you quickly pop into for a small item. I plan my visits in advance. I know what I want, where it is and ensure it will all fit in the car.

I recently recommended Ikea as a great place to source a rug for as part of our DIY home staging essential furnishings.

Rattan lounge suite by Trader Trove

Image courtesy of Trader Trove

Trader Trove

So, my personal taste has changed a little bit since the Queensland relocation. I admit my own home, now a white Queenslander, is a far cry from the Victorian workers cottage we lived in. I’ve created a coastal relaxed vibe using rattan furniture. But, I haven’t gone rattan crazy. There is an occasional piece here and there. I have also been applying this throughout property styling for our clients.

Trader Trove is a treasure…. trove, of new and vintage furniture and accessories from around the globe. It’s on the Gold Coast but well worth a visit if you are in the area. You’ll be in the mood for their style if you’re on a beach excursion yourself.

Favourite Brisbane Furnishers Left to Explore

I haven’t exhausted all the Brisbane furnishers just yet. I certainly look forward to more weekend exploring. If you have any suggestions, let me know on Twitter or Facebook.