Whether styling to sell or simply for visiting guests, minimalism and de-cluttering are key for bathroom styling. Do you feel comfortable walking into a bathroom with the toothbrushes and makeup lying around? Contrast this to your arrival in a hotel bathroom where benches host a few neatly aligned products and fresh fluffy folded towels. We know what we prefer. Here we share our styling tips to recreate that fresh hotel-inspired bathroom styling at home. We also share smart ideas for storage to help achieve your de-clutter goals.

Slate gray tiled bathroom

Fresh, Fluffy Towels

Add luxurious hand and bath towels to soften the space. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to add a pop of colour to neutral coloured walls and tiling. Hang towels loosely for a relaxed look or fold neatly and overlap on a rail for a layered look. If your bathroom does not have a handtowel hook, roll it neatly and display on the vanity.

Bathroom Styling Products

Display a few practical, but attractive styling products on the vanity, ledges or built-in nooks. We love to layer and cluster our accessories. Host these on a tray that compliments the finish of the bench-top such as concrete, marble or ceramic. On the tray display hand soap (we love Aesop for the most incredible scent), hand lotion, a favourite perfume bottle or scented candle.


For a refreshing touch you would only find in the most luxurious hotels, add some greenery. A small potted plant or hanging plant for a touch of nature will take your bathroom to the next level. We love using orchids or freshly picked jasmine for a beautiful scent. If you’re using fresh flowers, display these in a small vessel. The fragrance of fresh stems is inviting.

Marble bath side table with bathroom product

The Tub

Whether free-standing or built-in, baths have become a real statement piece in recent times. To add sophistication and an element of luxury we have a couple of tips on displaying those perfect accessories.

If your bath doesn’t have recessed shelving consider adding a small stool to sit beside your bath. Marble provides a luxe look or opt for a timber if you prefer a natural presence. When displaying multiple products, maintain a tidy appearance by grouping them on a tray.

If your bathrooms floor space is a little tight for a stool consider an over the bath tray (aka bath caddy). For the ultimate relaxation we love this Bath Caddy. It even includes a wine holder. How functional! 😊


If your bathroom lacks concealed storage consider utilising vertical space. Installing a holster or shelves on the inside of the cupboard door can create a spot for your hair utensils or bottled beauty products.
Behind the bathroom door is a frequently underutilised vertical solution. Use over-the-door hooks to hang extra towels or a canvas bag. The canvas bag creates a ‘bucket’ for your blow-dryer and other bulky appliances. This concept can be applied to other ledges. Attach an S-hook to the side of the vanity or a towel rail. Roll up excess towels or stack the excess TP in a linen bag off the S-hook. This provides a concealed and tidy storage solution.


The Wrap

Hotel-inspired bathroom styling aims to create an inviting and fresh sanctuary. It must be clean and uncluttered with a few simple accessories on display. Assemble a styled vignette of your favourite products and a scented candle. Too many products will produce chaotic and cluttered appearance. To soften the hard surfaces in a bathroom, add some greenery and a set of luxurious towels. All these items work together to create a calming space with that ‘hotel feel’.