We’ve been busy on the south side of Brisbane. Check out our latest home staging in Highgate Hill, 4/22 Paradise St.


Inner City Character

This apartment has great character with high ceilings and exposed brick. One of only four in the block, it sets itself apart from the hundreds of apartments just up the road in West End. It’s our first time working with Zac Daynes from Arcadia Estate Agency, and our first time in Highgate Hill.

We could see that the brick interior risked polarising buyers if left unfurnished. But with our complementary styling, the walls were transformed into a striking feature that suited the trendy inner city character of Highgate Hill.

Home Staging Highgate Hill

This Highgate Hill property is already under contract after only three weeks on market. Congratulations to our clients, and the team at Arcadia Estate Agency. Zac from Arcadia shared his thoughts on how our home staging influenced the campaign.“The staging at 4/22 Paradise St provided a great first impression. It really gave it an edge against other properties in Highgate Hill.”

Listing your Highgate Hill home soon? First step, read our guide on Selecting Your Real Estate Agent, The Right Way. Next, get in touch for a free home staging consultation.