Australian home styling blogs have been on my reading list through these recent weeks of social isolation. Property styling is like any other profession. Continued learning and research is essential to lead in your industry. Lucky for me, research is an indulgence in my interests. Reading and watching the latest trends in home styling has long been a pastime of mine.

Home Styling Blogs to Inspire

Well into a month of social lock-down, we’ve all slowed down and found ourselves at home with plenty of spare time. For many of us, this means an opportunity to make improvements to house and home. The lines seen at Bunnings recently tell the story.

I always do my research before diving into any home improvement or styling alteration. So, if you’re considering a home styling change, how about a little research and inspiration. These home styling blogs are a great place to start.

Style Curator

Style Curator Challenge Entry

Like all good interior styling blogs, Style Curator is a passion project. Started 5 years ago, Style Curator is the creation of Gina Ciancio who has since turned the blog into her full-time job. The blog has personality, with Gina sharing DIY projects and insights into her own home.

I love checking in on the monthly Style Curator challenge. Every month a new challenge is put forward to style a particular room or space in the home. Anyone can give it a go (tbh, I haven’t entered one…. yet). There are always incredible entries and great prizes up for grabs.

The Design Files

When I’m looking to branch out a little further than home styling, I’m at The Design Files. The Design Files is less home styling, more interior design blog. The difference? Last year I explained the difference between home styling and interior design on our property styling blog.

The Design Files cast a wide net across the latest in homes, gardens, art, architecture, furniture and interior design. It’s always fresh with quality Australian content.

The homes on The Design Files are incredible architectural works. So unique and intriguing. I love seeing homes where the styling isn’t simply what’s placed in the home. It’s of the home itself and what is added to complement the design.

I enjoy their TDF Talks podcasts. Every fortnight they interview an Australian that leads in their, more or less, design related field. Recent interviews with Claire Bowditch, Donna Hay and Ken Done caught my interest.

The Interiors Addict

The Interiors Addict has a range of home styling content. Bargain styling tips for your own home, industry news and inside looks into stunning renovations from Australia and beyond.

What started as a hobby in 2011 is now a full time job for former journalist and magazine editor Jen Bishop. A self-described “ordinary girl with no design qualifications”.

Interiors Addict Home Styling Blog

I enjoy the inside looks into Jen’s own renovations. There is no shortage of inspiration. She shares before and after shots and the sources for her materials and fittings. Perfect for anyone looking to renovate and recreate any aspect.

We Are Scout

We Are Scout is a fantastic resource for the crafty interior stylists amongst us. Founder Lisa Tilse is not the typical blogger and content curator. She has a creative side that she shares through instructional DIY craft projects.

Whilst DIY craft isn’t a go-to for property styling, it certainly is for home styling. Anyone can buy the latest trends, but there’s a lot to be said for crafting your own style. It’s unique, personal and adds warmth that makes a home. With plenty of time on our hands at present, what better time to get into crafts.

More Australian Home Styling Blogs Left to Discover

There are many blogs catering to Australian’s passion for home styling. There are only so many hours in day, so for now these are my favourite Australian home styling blogs. But, I may be discovering a few more if this isolation continues throughout 2020.